Hailing from the Yarra Valley, Paige Black brings heart wrenching honesty and soul infused pop to audiences through unmistakable presence and vocal passion. Paige recently won the prestigious Darebin Songwriters Award, with her latest single ‘Oceans Apart’ drawing praise from industry staples Emma Donovan, Jess Ribeiro and Charles Jenkins. Likened to the reverential and timeless songwriting voices of Adele and Fleetwood Mac, Paige continues to explore storytelling avenues and capture moments for audiences with the authenticity of Missy Higgins or sincerity of Carole King. Powerful piano arrangements form a bed for Paige’s experiences to weave into rich stories of location, love and heartache, with Paige’s resounding and distinctive voice pulling listeners into each phrase. Having recently spent time at La Cueva recording studio with George Carpenter (Ash Grunwald) and Ian Peres (Amy Shark, Ruel, Wolfmother) recording her debut album, Paige's current collection of songs showcase the possibilities and dynamic intricacies available to the songwriter given space and creative freedom.