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"Paige Black’s rich, heartfelt vocals fill every corner of the space, and in under ten seconds, she has the audience in the palm of her hand, unable to tear their eyes away even if they wanted to.
And no one wants to"



Paige Black is a soulful pop singer songwriter born and raised upon the banks of the Yarra river nestled in the hills. You would find her breaking out in song and dance with her brothers and sisters in a harmonious chaotic household of 9. Like the bends of the river Paige will take you on a journey, narrating the places she’s been and the relationships she’s made and the difficulties of navigating life, breaking your heart and putting it back together with her warm endearing stage presence. Captivating you with her melodic soulful sound, drawing you in with her raw emotion and relatable experiences, she then ties it all together with a chorus that will be stuck with you for days. After being crowned the 2020 Darebin Songwriters Award Paige is following it with the release of the winning song 'Oceans Apart'




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